Ode to Scarlett

Beauty beyond belief

A body with curves paved with blood sweat and tears

Piercing emerald eyes and hair made from shades of soft golden brown

No one could touch her and no one could love her although many tried

Cloaked in burgundy cloth, she wandered the world waiting for a suitor whose love she could reciprocate

but alas there were none.

One day she passed a mirror.

She saw her reflection and realized her beauty had begun to fade and she no longer knew what she had to offer

for her heart was closed, patience thin and tongue sharp.

Unconditional love requires more than a pretty face

for when the lights go down we all look the same.

Dear Scarlett, let love into your soul and let go of the superficial excuses before your soul becomes too far tucked away to be found and caressed by those that truly want to witness and appreciate its beauty.

See the world for what it truly is. Treat it with equanimity.
It’s better to be ignored and happy than marveled at and miserable.


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